Joining the Online Selling Business

I'm a freelancer contractor, thus, I have all the time to do things productively in my own way. Being in the freelance world, jobs and projects comes irregularly. There will come a time that I need to do other things or jobs to compensate the decrease in my income due to ended contracts for completed projects.

Having a relative that manufactures their own line of women's apparel is an advantage, now I started to join the world of online selling. I sell some of my sister's own line plus other women's clothing they bought for me from the people they knew who sells their own line.

I was overwhelmed with the work of putting up a Facebook page, creating product images and promoting items, but I know that all my effort will be paid off little by little. 

To all work-at-home moms, it is not too late to start this kind of business. You just need to have that Do-It attitude.

P.S. If you are interested in buying for your own use or as a reseller, please visit our Facebook Page for more info about ordering online!


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