Maybe I was a late bloomer but yeah, I just only found out about the popularity of digi perm. I have been wearing my hair long and straight and been bored about it since.

I was itching for a change--better change and curling my hair was my best option since I knew that short hair wasn't for me. After 3 months of contemplating and saving, I finally decided to get a digi perm.  I searched via  internet of a good korean salon and I saw a review about Genic Salon now known as Robin Kim. It was located at the ground floor of Pan Pacific Plaza in Malate.  Armed with my savings and confidence, so I went.

The staff were friendly and greeted me with smiles, nice hmmm. When I asked for any digi perm hair pictures I could choose from, she gave me enough hairstyle albums.  I chose one that has a wavy hair since i dont like tight curls but she told me that she would recommend one for me. Looking at the pic, I saw that I like it and yes, I'd get the recommended one. Now came the washing of hair, putting solution, the iron curler and the wait....another wash, some finishing touches here and there and the blowdry. Voila,  new curly me:

Okay, to be honest, I kind of felt 50-50 on this one. Why? It was not what I expected it to be, though it was not that bad. Maybe I was just thinking of the amount I paid and how the result ended, all I saw was a sort of telephone curl, a flat boring curl at that. I saw some pictures of other women who got the same treatment and theirs was way better looking than mine.Since my original hair was too straight and thin, I should have expected less. It was hard for the solution to have good effect for my kind of hair and another reason may be I should have gone to better salon and picked better hair master lol. I was trying to enjoy the new hair although some of my friends complimented it (were they just being nice?). 

 As per advised not to wash my hair for 48 hours,  I washed the hair on the 3rd day.  The curls loosen more and I thought I was gonna cry. Everyday, I was toying for a new ideas on how I am gonna style it, but my hair was trying to frizz on me. I went to a mall to buy something I could use for my hair and I got the following:

Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Shampoo and Conditioner- this shampoo and conditioner really gives volume and bounce to my boring hair even after only 1 wash and yes, it emphasizes what little curls left on my hair.
Gatsby Gel Water- I like the hold it gives to my curls. 
and Vitress-I used it after a few hours of putting the gel water to give my hair a softy look and some minor retouching (since the hair tends to get hard edges 'cause of the gel)

The next morning I started using the newly bought shampoo and conditioner, after 1 wash my hair felt soft, the frizz tamed and  my curls got more volume and bounce compared with a single telephone looking curl. After 3 days, my hair improved more. I tried using the gel and experimented some style and was happy with the outcome. It looked sassy. I got the look I wanted, but of course I made effort. 

Though, in my inner subconscious, I know that I could have a better digi perm. It was painful to spend money for things you would never be happy afterwards and going back to complain is not worth it. I know some women  had spend even more than what I paid for with the same bad result as mine.  Since i already repaired some damage with the help of what I bought, I am contented now.  Advice to girls who would want to get a digi perm, please think carefully as the price and the long hours of sitting in a chair isn't a joke, of course, aside from damaging your hair even more.  

UPDATE (July 26, 2011): See how my hair looks after 5 months.

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