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Do you have an oily skin?

Well, I do! No matter how hard I tried to wash and clean my face from make up at night, still, makeup caused pimple break outs on my face the next day. So when I found out that mineral makeup is skin friendly, contains natural ingredients and free of toxic chemicals, I immediately searched for a brand that is not only accessible to our local malls but also affordable to my meager budget. That was when I converted to mineral makeup user and became an Ellana Mineral Makeup fan.

Why Ellana? Searching for a good brand, I came upon good reviews about Ellana. I went to their website and as per product description it says,

 Our Mineral Foundation offers superior coverage, effectively covering and reducing dark spots,  fine lines, acne, wrinkles, and other imperfections making your skin instantly flawless with an illuminating glow.It contains Allantoin for cell regeneration and moisturizing properties.It glides on your skin like silk, never gritty or sticky.It’s easy to blend, providing a velvety finish.Our exclusive foundation blends is formulated with Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide to provide natural sun protection and the long-lasting coverage you need throughout the day.It sets up as a base for your eye shadow and blush colors to help them glide on more evenly.

Reading from the website, I found out that they are giving free samples to whoever asks for them, just mention what color your skin tone is and if you only pay for the shipping fee. So, I was excited when my samples arrived, I was given the ff:

1. White Choco Mocha Foundation
2. Cafe Mocha Foundation
3. Whimsy Powder Concealer
4. Espresso Con Panna Finishing Powder
5. Bunny Blush

I immediately tried these samples and I was impressed with what they did to my skin and face over all. Intensive coverage, no pimple break outs, affordable and more benefits that I decided to order some of their mineral makeup for my daily use.

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