Dampa Seafood Restaurant: Aling Tonya

After graduation, all of us became busy with our lives and  the fact that we came from different parts of the Philippines and some are working abroad now. Thanks to Facebook, after long 12 years, I got to see my college friends. One friend of mine was going to get her vacation from working in Singapore and she promised us a sumptuous dinner for free, yaay! 

We decided to go to Dampa Seafood Restaurant along Diosdado Macapagal Ave. Since we wanted a fun dinner, we opted for a restaurant that has an acoustic band, so we went to Aling Tonya. Actually, this wasn't my first visit here. I came here before with my former officemates to celebrate the company's anniversary but we were in a hurry mood so we just waited, ate and went. This time, we had all the time to ourselves. So, being in a seaside market, it was us who bought the food to be cooked then just gave them to Aling Tonya's staffs for their 'paluto' service, of course, we chose what kind of luto they were going to do. Good thing we came early, around 6pm, the place was still empty, we started catching up for the lost years while waiting for our meal. And oh, we saw Keanna Reeves(a local celebrity in the Philippines)  sitting at the table right before us, I heard she is a regular customer here and NO we didn't ask to get a picture with her :P

Oh my, when I saw our orders, I was wondering how could we eat all of them! Honestly, I just took 1 picture each of the viands but there were actually 2 serving plates/pans/pots  for each. Yes, we weren't that conscious about diet lol. I specially loved the baked oyster :)-- don't raise you eyebrows *wink wink* and sinigang was uber delicious too. The prawns were expected to be yummy however you cook it, so I wasn't surprise it tasted good, the liempo was good also but boring. Adobong Pusit was ok with them but not for me, it tastes kinda sweet which I don't like in my food. Halfway to finish my meal, I was already thinking if I can do the watermelon afterwards. We all felt full and bloated that we can't even walked out of the restaurant, good thing there was an acoustic band playing that night so we enjoyed some time while we were resting a bit. Anyways, the dinner was great overall and we were grateful for the treat. 

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