How to Apply for Registration of Land-Based Applicants in POEA

Registration Certficate is issued by Philippine Overseas Employment Administration to all aspiring migrant workers. This is essential to ensure that Filipinos are working abroad legally and to prevent any problems that may arise from working outside the country.
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My husband is working abroad as field engineer for several years now and currently based in Manama, Bahrain. He was directly hired by an American company, his third employer since he became an Overseas Filipino worker (OFW). He decided to work abroad on 2005 because our joint monthly income was not enough to meet our daily family needs, especially for our kids school expenses.

This is a common problem to many families here, and it is not surprising that lots of Filipino professionals and skilled laborers opted to obtain employment abroad for greener pastures. However, there are laborious paper works that need to be processed in order to work abroad legally. If you want to find employment in other country, you need to register first as an overseas applicant as per Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) rules and regulations. This is compulsory to all citizens of the Philippines.

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What is POEA and its functions?

POEA is a Philippine government agency that regulates and facilitates overseas employment of Filipinos, whether they are looking to find work in foreign countries, or already employed by private companies or government through direct hire or recruitment agency. They promote and develop overseas employment program and protect the rights of overseas workers. If you are looking to find a job abroad, a first-timer migrant worker or workers-on-leave, it is imperative that you go through POEA process in order to work abroad legally. One of POEA Frontline Services is the Registration of Land-Based Applicants, Filipinos who wanted to look for work in foreign countries should apply.

Registration of Land-Based Applicants: Requirements, Qualifications, and Procedures

Requirements (Original and Photocopies):

  • Recent bio-data or resume with detailed work experience
  • Valid Passport
  • High School/College Diploma
  • Transcript of Records
  • Valid PRC ID (for Professional only)
  • Board Certificate (for Professional only)
  • Board Rating (for Professional only)
  • Valid NBI Clearance
  • Employment Certificates ( of at least 2 years experience in one position)
  • Training /Skills certificate
  • OMA Certificate ( for Muslim Applicants)
  • 1 piece 2x2 colored picture (6 pcs. For MOH-KSA applicants)
  • Active e-mail address


Applying for Registration Card when you are a land-based job applicant is free of charge. Just get a Registration Form and submit it together with requirements listed above for evaluation at Window M at the Manpower Registry Division, located in ground floor lobby area. You will need to wait for the result of evaluation and if documents are complete and in order, proceed to the encoding room located in the same area for the encoding of registration data. Next, return to Window M for issuance of Landbased Registration Card. (In case of incomplete requirements or documents, their papers are returned for completion before applying again.)

Process Time: 30 minutes from receipt of application with complete documentary requirements to issuance of Registration Card

You can also apply for Registration thru online by directly going to POEA website.

Note: Wait for notification for possible referral to prospective employer. If not notified within six months, update your registration data through any internet facility via POEA website.

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