My Favorite Fictional Female Detectives

I LOVE READING and collecting books, especially mystery novels. Most of my collections were logically weaved by a few selected authors I prefer. Once I sit back, I begin to delight cosy reading while using my brain. True addict as you may say, I obtain pleasure from the problem that has been set before me. A mysterious novel just simply poses a fair battle between me and the writer. Fictional mysteries are true thrillers as these showcase mystifying master criminals, breakneck adventures, blood thirstiness, colored heroics, and even car chases. I don't wish to be suspended mid-air ending up nowhere. Loose ends are no place for these fictions. The suspense, more than other genres, accounts these books unique from other literary works. These undoubtedly secure a strong appeal to most true detective aficionados like me. As follows are my favorite fictional characters beyond compare.

List of My Favorite Fictional Female Detectives

Kinsey Millhone

She is a former Santa Teresa cop turned private investigator in "Alphabet" series of Sue Grafton. Millhone was married and divorced twice, no children and a loner. Living alone for so long, made her reluctant to become intimate with her new-found relatives and subsequent relationships with men in heartaches. However, she is close to her landlord named Henry Pitts. She is known in using index cards to write down information she gathers while sleuthing. Later, when she shuffles those cards, she eventually finds out the missing piece of the puzzle.

Judith McMonigle Flynn

A bed and breakfast owner and amateur sleuth from Mary Daheim Bed-and-Breakfast mystery novels. Judith has a magnet in finding dead bodies, thus, making herself be involved in solving the mystery. Being a good hostess for several years made people trust her easily to open up themselves unguardedly, which becomes helpful in her looking for the real culprit. Very light and entertaining, especially when her cousin cum sidekick Serena "Renie" Jones come out in the picture. This duo has an ultra-opposite characters that makes them perfect fit for their adventures.

Writings of my fave authors via E-book:
Four Sue Grafton NovelsAuntie MayhemHard TimeWorks of Agatha Christie

Victoria Iphigenia "Vic" Warshawski

Commonly called V.I. Warshawski is a smart, hard headed and cynical sleuth. She is also a lawyer and worked before in Cook County Public Defenders Office before she became private investigator. She is always in action and capable of physical battles to defend herself from her enemies. You will love her strong-willed personality and yet shows some display of vulnerability that she hates to admit. Sarah Paretsky is her creator.

Miss Marple

One of the great characters from Agatha Christie's mystery novels. A very witty and shrewd elderly spinster who usually solves cases by using her deep understanding of human nature. She always compare crimes with similar incidents she remembers that seems very suggestive. She lives in St. Mary Mead, a quiet village, but nevertheless the locations on many of her solved crimes, thus, she used to say that "There is a great deal of wickedness in village life."

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