Reaping What You Sow

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Have you heard about the celebrities who went broke? What about millionaires who lost it all? Once young, beautiful, popular, and rich, many people turned out from riches to rags. It is not surprising to hear these story bits because many are caught unaware of what they have today, never bother thinking of what tomorrow would be like. Success and power frequently urge individuals to do the things that only destroy their persona without realizing what will become of them. The pouring blessings are often neglected and aren't nurtured at all. In the end, upon sensing the breaking down scenario, it was too late to reverse what had transpired. 

3 Essentials Seeds of Life

Money Save for winter

Raise your money by planting cash seeds. Love your work and take care of it. Securing your job ensures a regular income until your retirement age. Same applies if you have a business. Investing and saving finances while you are in vigor will give you greenbacks down the road.

Good Health

We are only young once... You may be youthful, vibrant, and energetic today; however, if you take yourself for granted, such as getting inadequate sleep, smoking, and alcohol drinking, time will come that you will be asked for a payment for what have been damaged in you. Now is the day to invest for your health. Nobody can take this away from you.

Good Deeds 

What goes around comes around. Receive Good Karmas. A person who has been known for being helpful to others will receive a reward from those who had been compensated before. If you have grown one's heart with love, you will have great harvests later in life. What goes around comes around.

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