Family Bonding in Palawan

The best travels I had were the trips I made with my family.

My brother and I decided to go to Palawan with our respective families. I will never forget how my kids looked when they boarded on the plane. It was first time for our kids to be on the plane, hence, the amazement and delight were evident on their faces that made our travel expenses worth spending.

Since my husband is an OFW,  I want my family to spend our time together in the most memorable way I could think of. It  always touches me hearing my daughter exclaiming, "we are happy family!" whenever her daddy comes home for a vacation from work.

So, don't miss any moments you could have with your family and put an extra effort to make it more special =).

Palawan Provincial Capitol

Mitra's Rancho Zipline

@Iwahig Prison & Penal Farm

Palawan Market

Plaza Cuartel


  1. Ohh the pics are super cool! The alligator pic really scared me :)
    Your kids are lovely :) Thanks for sharing the snaps with us :) Take care

  2. Thanks for commenting. We really enjoyed this trip, and yea the alligator were soo scary!