Paradise in Davao

If you want a quiet and relaxed vacation, I'd recommend that you go to  Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort located in Samal Island, Davao. It is only 5 minutes away from Sasa port where you can board  a ferry boat courtesy of the resort. With an aviary and a playground for your afternoon walk, it  also offers variety of water activities and other recreational games to entertain yourself or your group.

But what I really  liked about the place was where the cottages were located. For a nature-lover person like me, I greatly appreciated that our room was surrounded by trees, plants and flowers. Though, it was a bit far from the beach, I didn't mind a little exercise. The cottage itself was like a mini-house with its own gate and garden. I loved having my morning coffee in the terrace while engulfing myself to the serenity of the nature around me.

Though it cannot be compared with Boracay, it is still pretty good destination to consider.

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