E-Friends or Real Friends

Image Source: GeekandPoke

No man is an island. Most of us wish to have many friends. It usually shows how likeable we are by the number of followers we have. When Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites became sensational, many get hooked instantly. One of their benefits is to aid their patrons look for old classmates, former neighbors, and long lost relatives. Some even find their future significant other through the Internet. The web really serves as an instrument to broaden our network and it find ways to meet new and old folks. With this techie means, lots of subscribers gained hundreds or even thousands of e-pals. 

If you are transforming into a mouse potato surfing on others’ updates or chatting to death, beware because this is really time-consuming and habit-forming. Conversely, do you still spend fair time and give enough effort to your long-known fellows? True friends are those who share our crisscrosses and ups and downs, offer a shoulder to lean on, and even hang out along with us.

In today’s digital world, we should maintain our traditional way of socializing. We need real-life buddies who can’t be “deleted” easily in our timeline. A “like,” a tag, and a comment are insufficient to create stronger bonds, but by allotting quality time instead.

There is nothing wrong with searching for online friends, but we should be vigilant because our personal andsocietal image could be doomed by just a click away. More so, we can’t test and win a person’s trust by merely pressing the keys. In these complex modern days, certain classical styles could probably be more effective, thus the more we should nurture our actual friends than cyber friends.

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  1. If one wants to have real life friends, he has to be a real-life friend too. Yes,there's more to friendship than likes and statuses. Face time is much better than Facebook. The internet can just be a launching pad for budding friendhips, but they must be followed through by face time.