How To Tutor Your Kids Effectively

My children love going to school and enjoy studying. They always insist on tutoring them, not only that they will be prepared in everyday class activities but also it will served as our bonding time on a daily basis.

I admit I am not a professional teacher, however, I have my own basic tips to make tutoring easier for a every mom out there:

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1. Study TimeYour kids come from school tired and hungry. Give them time to eat and refresh. This will give them energy to have another go at studying an extra hour or two for the day. Don't push it too hard, or they will be burned out. There is time for everything, including playing, watching tv, resting and other usual kids activities at home.

2. Study GuidelinesStudents are given subject guidelines by their teachers at the start of every quarter. It is a lesson outline on every subjects for the entire quarter to give students enough preparation to study. Always make time to read them, this will give idea on what to teach your kids and what the teacher expects your kids to review.

3. Google and LearnYou cannot teach something you don't know. When was the time you learned noun, pronouns, subject and predicate? How about fraction and ratio and proportion? You may be familiar with them but there are terms/jargon that will confuse you now. Before teaching your kids, you may need to refresh your memory and to prepare yourself with their questions. Not only they expect right answers but also explanations for every answers, especially, if they have hard time comprehending.

School books are good resources but limited.  Use the internet for its countless information and the convenience of finding the answers to your own questions quickly.

4. Study MaterialsUse flash cards, charts, maps and such. It can be more fun by using bright colors, interesting drawings that will easily get their attention. Visual aids help your kids to have a better understanding of what being taught about by looking on something concrete while listening to your teachings.

5. PatienceTake a deep breath. Be patient. Kids don't learn the same way. Sometimes they need more time to understand what being taught. Or better yet, they have to be taught with different study methods.

Each kids has different level of comprehension, you cannot expect them to be like their classmates who get good grades easily. As a mom, you have an advantage of measuring you kids' strong and weak points.

How you understand and support your kids will make or break their confidence. Showing your kids that you believe in them will make them strive hard to achieve their goals. Happy teaching!

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