Online Jobs: Are They Real?
Yes, some of them are real! There are legitimate freelance websites who offer legitimate jobs. But keep in mind that it is not all stars and moon. To get real jobs over the internet, you have to work hard to build yourself up, look for potential clients and get them hire you. It takes dedication, patience, and of course, skills. Legitimate freelancers will tell you that.

Also, keep in mind that there are people who scam others for money, which make bad reputation to legitimate organizations.

So, what makes a person a victim of shady dealings?

I have seen a lot of people asking in forums, facebook and twitter, if online jobs do exist. Most of the answers they get are in negative. You can peruse the net for countless stories about people being scammed online. Though I sympathized with a few of them, I cannot help but think why they allowed it to happen to them. Simple reason, they believed that they can earn money for doing nothing or easy money scheme. There are lots of job advertisements offering ridiculous, if not impossible amount. Some of them even stated that you don't have to work hard for it but just sit and relax until pay time. You should be asking yourself if this real, because for me, it screams red flag. 

In modern times with latest technologies, earning money could be gained in an old-fashioned way... WORK HARD!

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