Advantages of Work at Home Mom

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Seven years ago, my husband decided to work abroad and I was left with taking care of our children single-handedly. It was hard for me juggling my schedule between family and professional career, and only last year that I decided to stop working in a brick and mortar office. I became stay at home mom which lead me to  work at home eventually.

When I was young, I knew that I wanted to be a career woman. I graduated from a reputable college school with a bachelor's degree diploma. In my ten years, I have been associated with a law office, government agency and a private advertising company. Thinking about it, I was asking myself if I have even a bit of regret with the decision I made a year ago.

I don't think so. Why? Here are the few benefits I get from being a work at home mom:

  • You're the Boss I love this one! No one ordering me to 'do this' and 'do that' every hour of everyday. As I don't have the talent of a butt-kisser(excuse the language!), naturally I wasn't a favorite employee. My previous boss(I won't specify which one)was always butting into my personal business that it can be very irritating and frustrating most of the time. NOW, I am the one who decides when, where and how to do my my work.
  • No Office Politics Don't you hate it when someone is trying to malign other people so that he/she would get the boss' attention for promotion purposes? How about dealing with co-workers who has bad or negative attitude? Though, I never allowed myself to be bullied by my officemates, I had seen a few who encountered such things in my workplace. No more of that! My workplace is my home sweet home.
  • Flexible Time Absent or late at work? Not anymore. No need to file leave of absence or to make an excuse because of a few personal errands you need to do, especially when it comes to your children's needs or wanted sometime off for holidays to be with family. You decide when to work and what time best suits for you.
  • Choose Your Work and Pay You don't have to withstand either working on something or someone you don't like, or feeling underrated. Choose what kind of work best suited to your likes, skills and qualifications--and decide how much pay you should be receiving in a fairly manner.
  • Family Bonding No one beats this! You are personally taking care of your children and directly seeing to it that they are growing up with proper guidance in a nurturing environment. Every bit of time you spend with your family is irreplaceable value you get than working away from them.

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