Philippines' Overpopulation

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I am from the Philippines, and I love my country despite of its flaws. But that doesn't mean I am no longer hoping for a change, one that could better our lives. Our nation has been facing many problems, and one of them is the rapid growth of its population. An alarming rise in numbers of people residing in the regions, greatly affect its economy and environment. An area can be said overpopulated when one's resources such as land space, food and resources isn't enough to sustain its inhabitants. We have been like this for many years. What would be the effect of this phenomenon?

Social Issues

How Overpopulation Affects Our Society

Philippines has a total land area of 300,000 km2 and based on Census of Population and Housing made on May 1, 2010, it has a total of 92,337,852 population and still growing. It ranked 12th as the most populous country by US Bureau International Data Base. Many of my countrymen experiencing hunger, sickness and unemployment. Despite the government's effort through allocation of big budgets to support pro-poor projects to eradicate poverty, the shortage to basic necessities for our commoners is still evident. This leads to another problems such as, poor education, poor health, and high crime rate.

Poor Education. Insufficient school materials and supplies hinder the improvement of education in public schools. On the other hand, private schools are quite expensive, and many low-level income families can't afford to send their children in this kind of school.

Poor Health. Because of poverty, poor families do not have accessed to proper medical health services. They either opted for unprescribed herb medicines, or totally ignore their illnesses.

High Crime Rate. Due to lack of diploma and high unemployment rate, poverty surges and this leads to antisocial behavior and negative psychological impact on people. Hunger and lack of financial means drive other people to desperate actions.

Environmental Issue

Effect Of Overpopulation To Our Environment

The deterioration of our ecosystem caused by human activities poses some serious concerns. Deforestation and pollution is just two examples that puts our ecology at risk and could create potential danger among us. One example is the recent disaster that afflicted our country, it wasn't even a typhoon, but heavy rains that caused great floods in Metro Manila on August 7, 2012. Almost 70% of the area was submerged in water, houses either destroyed or unfit to live in and thousands of people needed to be evacuated.

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