Upwork (formerly oDesk): The Price of Hard Work

Wow, it seems like yesterday when I posted article Work At Home: oDesk (now Upwork), a guide I made for those skilled stay-at-home moms out there who want to have their time spent productively while being in the comfort of their home.

Two years ago, I was about to post when I reached my first 1,000 hours in oDesk, but haven't had the time to do it and then, forgot it altogether. But today, I know I cannot let it pass without letting other people know the good news! I woke up, overjoyed reading the e-mail I received from oDesk:

I am so proud! 

When I started using oDesk, it never entered my mind that I would stay long or be successful in this platfrom, the competition was overwhelming and jobs were not overflowing -- one job post with 500+ contenders for one position. It made me want to go out and apply in a brick and mortar office. 

Initially, I began with most common job: data entry. Everybody do it. The chance you get hired is 1:500 (maybe lower than this!). I applied, was hired. Only after a few months, I realized that it won't get me anywhere. With data entry jobs, one cannot ask for higher than average rate and the work is not challenging enough to make an impact as a contractor. So, transitioned to be a researcher. Slowly, I noticed the difference: a much higher rate, more challenging contracts and the job variations. 

However, after two years in web researching, I felt the need to change to a more challenging position, something that would make think hard, analyze, and decide. So, I became a virtual assistant at first, but targeting  project management jobs. Fortunately, every time I had a new contract, it gave me new things to learn, discovering skills I didn't know I have. 

Good thing about being a virtual assistant, tasks are limitless.  It is expected that you know how to do different tasks, to improvise, and to be independent. My clients were so kind, considerate, while being professional and disciplinarian at the same time. I really can't thank them enough for molding me to what I am now. They trained me and deliberately challenging me by assigning tasks which not only enhanced my skills, but also expanded my field.  I have never said NO to new assignments, I'd learn from them and I used them to my advantage. Also, the rate is very good. I couldn't ask for more.

After 4 years, 3,000+ hours, 25 jobs, fantastic reviews/feedbacks and 5-star rating, came the e-mail. 

Receiving that e-mail this morning meant everything to me. It shows that people appreciate my hard work. Clients are not only satisfied, but I also meet their expectations, maybe more.

Again, wow!

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