Review: Pond's Age Miracle - Dual Eye Cream

At my age, a certain beauty regime is needed to cross that graceful ageing phase. I'm already in my late thirties, and there were obvious evidences to show that. One of my problems is around my eye  area. I tried a couple of eye creams which, unfortunately, didn't deliver.

While I was walking along beauty section in a department store, scouring for another eye cream to use, Pond's booth caught my attention. I have never used any of Age Miracle product line of Ponds and I was hesitant to start using one now. However, it got me curious since Pond's eye cream is a dual one.

This product is a dual action cream that promises to solve my problem. The pink cream is to brighten upper eyes, reduces lines and wrinkles. While the white cream soothes and lighten up eyebags and reduce puffiness. You see, I'm a night owl and this cream is the exact formulation I was looking for.

I have been using it now for almost a month and I am really happy and satisfied with the result. There is a visible change within a week of use and I actually noticed a glowing look under my eyes. I like the white one better for its result, but the pink one can also be used as an eye make-up primer.


  • Dual action formula
  • Fast result (as early as one week, in my case)
  • Affordable price than the other brands.
  • Pink cream can also be used as a primer for eye make-up


  • If one cream is all used up, need to buy another even there's the other cream left (in my case, I favored the white cream and uses more than the pink one.

PRICE: Php499.00

Rating: 4/5

P.S. I am now considering to try other Pond's Age Miracle product line because of this.

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