One Summer in Iloilo City

Did you know that Iloilo is not only famous for La Paz Batchoy, but also for many good restaurants? Indeed, the place loves food and a lot of restaurants you will find there proves it. Aside from food, Iloilo is also quite famous for its historical attractions and old churches. 

Iloilo is located in Western Visayas Region, near Guimaras Island and Negros Occidental. Its capital is Iloilo City which is independent and not governed by Iloilo provincial government. You are going to like the place,  it is clean and people are nice. My friends and I went there and explored the traditional beauty it offers--I say, we had a great time.

We spent our whole day exploring the churches and other famous tourist attractions. Also, our friends who already had been here before, told us which restaurants to go and what food to eat.

These were few of the places we have been to while touring in Iloilo.

Jaro Cathedral

Miag-ao Church
Molo Church
Museo Iloilo

Casa Mariquit
Angelicum College

Biscocho Haus
Tatoy's Restaurant

Breakthrough Restaurant

Buto't Balat Restaurant
Nightout in Smallville
We wanted to see how Ilonggos spent their weekend nights, the partying, bars and videokes. It cannot be compared to Manila version of gimiks, nevertheless, we still enjoyed the night and will never forget the experience.

Since Iloilo is near Guimaras Island, we went to the wharf the next day and spent our one whole day touring the Island. I will get into it in my next blog post.


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