Old Math Trick

When I was in Grade 1, I was having a hard time learning my arithmetic. My dad saw my difficulty, and taught me the math trick he knew. Since it happened 23 years ago, I was sure it was an old trick, however, this trick is not so popular  and I decided to make an article about  this brain bender through my Squidoo page. 

Many people might say that to learn multiplication, kids need to memorize the multiplication table. In my opinion, parents can choose what they deemed best for their kids when it comes to learning style.

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  1. Wow! Spectacular post. Simply love the idea & I totally agree with your last line dear. NIce bog! Happy Blogging. :)


  2. Hi Tanya, thanks for dropping by! As a parent to my two kids, I am always thinking of ways to help them with their studying. I'm glad you find my article interesting :)