Ways to Save on Your Electric Bill

Monthly electricity bill is one of household expenses we pay regularly. There are many simple ways we can conserve our electricity, thus saves a bit amount of money that helps our budgeting. Take a look at the number of things you can do to save energy at home:
  • When no one is home, make sure to turn off the lights and other electric appliances before going out.
  • It is necessary to defrost the refrigerator regularly. Building up of frost reduce energy efficiency of the unit.
  • On pleasant and bright days, open curtains and let the sunlight come into the house for natural lighting.
  • Fold or hang the clothes immediately after drying. It saves some ironing.
  •  Turn off the television when no one is watching.
  • Schedule one day for ironing clothes. It saves time to iron them at the same time to avoid heating the iron several times.
  • Clean air conditioner on a regular basis. Dirty filters may restrict air flow and increase energy use.
  • Choose efficient bulbs wisely. Also, one large bulb is better than using several ones depends on location.

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